Alvin Booth

Alvin Booth is a New York based artist, originally from Hull England.

His work revels both in the intrinsic beauty of the human form, and in the mutations of that beauty. Using the body’s malleability and gravity as a palate, Booth creates a landscape that is at times attractively familiar and at times seductively surreal.

Booth’s sumptuous photographs use the nude as a point of departure. Bodies are pulled, folded, sheathed, multiplied and wrapped to produce images that prove the body capable of being erotically charged as well as playfully comic.

A recent shift to more sculptural work builds on the nontraditional representations of the nude that began as photographs. Booth’s three-dimensional work embraces even more experimental and evocative materials. Silicone, light, 3D braille printing, sensors and even scent are utilized to create new interpretations of the body.

Paris: Acte2 Galerie
London: Hamiltons Gallery
Antwerp: Fifty One Fine Art Photography
Los Angeles: Fahey/Klein Gallery

Expositions :

2016. Acte 2, Paris France*
Maison Particulière, Brussels, Belgium

2015 In Focus Galerie, Köln, Germany
Maison Particulière, Brussels, Belgium

2014 Brucie Collection Kiev, Ukraine*
Maison Particuliere Brussels, Belgium
Raw Beauty Amsterdam, Holland*

2013 Acte 2, Paris, France*
Galerie one, Arnhem, Holland*

2012 Galerie Forster Berlin,Germany
OMC Gallery California,USA

2011 Fifty One Fine Art Antwerp Belgium
Maison Particuliere Brussels, Belgium
OMC Gallery California,USA

2010 Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival Becket, MA USA
San Francisco Dance Film Festival San Francisco, USA
In Focus Galerie Cologne, Germany

2009 Acte 2 Paris, France*
American Dance Festival’s Dancing for the Camera
International Festival of Film and Video Festival Durham,USA
Fifty-One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp, Belgium

2008 Hamiltons Gallery, London, England
Etherton Gallery, Tuscon, Arizona*
Galerie Forster, Berlin, Germany *
OMC Gallery, California,USA

2007 In Focus Galerie Cologne, Germany*
Etherton Gallery, Tuscon, Arizona
OMC Gallery California,USA

2006 Acte 2 Galerie Paris, France*
Galerie Le Confort Des Etranges Toulouse, France*

2005 Galerie Mainberg Mainberg, Germany*
Kamera und Fotmuseum Leipzig, Germany
Fahey/Klein Gallery Los Angeles, USA*
In Focus Gallerie Cologne, Germany
Lincoln Center Dance on Camera Festival New York, USA
Dance Camera West International Festival in Los Angeles, USA

2004 Leica Gallery New York, USA
Aero Plastics Brussels, Belgium
Stadtische Museum of Heilbronn, Germany
Arte Fino Zurich, Switzerland
Stamford Art Gallery Stamford, Connecticut USA
OMC Gallerie Dusseldorf, Germany
Yancey Richardson Gallery New York, USA
Jackson Fine Art Atlanta, Georgia USA*

2003 De Beyerd Contemporary Art Museum Breda, Holland
OMC Gallerie Dusseldorf, Germany*
Arte Fino Zurich, Switzerland*
Fifty One Fine Art Photography Antwerp, Belgium*

2002 Prague House of Photography Czech Republic*
Kamera und Fotomuseum Leipzig, Germany

2001 In Focus Gallerie Cologne, Germany*
Fahey/Klein Gallery Los Angeles, USA
Yancey Richardson Gallery New York, USA

2000 Jackson Fine Art Atlanta, Georgia USA*
Robert Klein Gallery Boston, USA
Yancey Richardson Gallery New York, USA
The Museum of the City of New York, USA
The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology
(Corset 2000) New York, USA

1999 Yancey Richardson Gallery New York, USA*
Stephen Daiter Gallery Chicago, USA*
Fahey/Klein Gallery Los Angeles, USA*
Robert Klein Gallery Boston, USA*

1997 Hamiltons London, England
Jackson Fine Art Atlanta, Georgia USA
Sarah Morthland Gallery New York, USA
Throckmorton Fine Art New York, USA
Yancey Richardson Gallery New York, USA
Galleria Carla Sozzani Milan, Italy

1996 Hamiltons London, England
Yancey Richardson Gallery New York, USA*

1995 Hamiltons London, England

* ( Solo Show)

Selected Publications :

2016 “Nocturnes”
Catalogue Formerly Press
2013 ‘Come To Your Senses’ , Catalogue , Edition Gallerie Vevaise
2010- ‘Triptych’ – Edition Gallerie Vevais ISBN 978-3-936-165-51-7
2009 – Le Beau est Toujours Bizarre – DVD collection of short films
2006 – Osmosis – Edition Gallerie Vevais ISBN 3-936-165-46-7
2006- Film Booth – Edition Gallerie Vevais ISBN 3-936-165-45-9 – DVD Collection of short films.
1999 – Corpus – Edition Stemmle ISBN 3-908-161-94-0